Jun 1 2010 - 12:00am
Jun 4 2010 - 11:59pm

NGN & IMS PLUGFEST 9IMS Plugfest IMS Plugfest

June 1-4, 2010



The NGN and IMS Forum Plugfest™ is the most frequent interoperability event in the industry. Our methodology was developed and perfected as a joint effort of our members and partners. With Plugfest 9 scheduled for June 1-4, 2010, the forum will mark another important milestone - setting the testing for interoperability for roaming and visiting subscribers.

Participation is open to telecom service providers, cable companies, and vendors delivering NGN and IMS products and solutions.

Plugfest 9 will cover NGN / IMS Interoperabilityt to demonstrate the functional features of the network based onn the following areas:

  • IMS NGN end-to-end testing on meshed IMS networks
  • IMS core, CSCF, AS, HSS, Policy, off-line charging, on-line charging, voice features, ….
  • We will define network topologies based on the participants requirements
  • Inter and intra network testing area of key interest, billing services interdomain scenarios, roaming users, visited networks scenarios, applications presence, voice, video, user agents

Testing language can be TTCN-3, XML compiler, and/or others as PF9 working group team specify.


    Read the Plugfest FAQ or view past Plugfest info: PF8, PF6, PF5, PF4, PF3, PF2, PF1






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    Open to wirless, wireline and cable service providers, protocols, applications and solution vendors


    Please fill out the Plugfest Online Registration Form and Sign the Plugfest Agreement.

    This can be done online, by faxing both forms to: +1 (407) 641-9595, or by email request to 

    Aditional information and forms

    Hotel Info

    • Hilton Garden Inn - Portsmouth Downtown, NH, (603) 431-1499 
      • Ask for IMS Forum (IMS) discounted rate
      • For online reservations, use company name: IMS
    • Hampton Inn - Dover, NH, (603) 516-5600 
      • Ask for IMS negotiated rate ($92)
      • For online reservations, use company name: IMS FORUM
    • Holiday Inn Express - Durham, NH, (603) 868-1234 
      • Ask for IMS Forum negotiated rate ($95)
    • Sheraton Harborside - Portsmouth, NH, (603) 431-2300 

    Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities

    Plugfests offer far-reaching marketing and sponsorship opportunities through standardized and customized programs. These initiatives allow sponsors/partners to:

    • Enhance their general brand image
    • Gain or secure investor support
    • Establish an identify as a leader in IMS and NGN development
    • Gain access to IMS and NGN thought-leaders
    • Develop customized marketing collateral
    • Build research collateral and market insights for various channels
    • Partner with the IMS Forum and the NGN Forum on post-Plugfest events and outreach

    Sponsorship Programs

    Platinum ($10,000.00)

    • Option to distribute individual organizational press release announcing Plugfest participation
    • Media and industry analyst relations support
    • Exposure via the Web and on-site signage
    • Corporate branding and recognition on marketing collateral and technical literature
    • 20% discount on testing fees

    Gold ($5,000.00)

    • Company listing in a group press release
    • On-site signage
    • 10% discount on testing fees

    Customized Sponsorship Programs
    The IMS Forum and the NGN Forum offer a range of customized sponsorship and marketing programs that can be tailored to fit the particular needs and strategic aims of sponsors and partners.

    Please contact us for any clarifications.